Winemakers with an Oscar

What do Robert de Niro, Gerard Depardieu, Francis Ford Coppola and Sean Connery have in common? Besides fighting for the Oscar, they have a deep love for good, old wine.

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What would your wine taste like if it was a Gerard Depardieu? Would you rather try something more alternative, such as a bottle bearing a label painted by the Grateful Dead's lead singer, Jerry Garcia? The popular wine, Marilyn Merlot, produced by Napa Wine Company, on whose annual label the actress "poses", costs $25 this year and up to $3500 for a 1985 bottle.

Celebrities and wine
From the moment that people start to recognize you on the streets, you are popular enough to name a wine after your or even start your own winemaking company; at least this is what Francis Ford Coppola did. He named his wine Sophia, after his daughter. Brad Pitt was the next celebrity to get involved with winemaking, by buying vineyards in Italy. And, d
on’t be surprised when you and your friends try some of Bob Dylan’s, Robin Williams' or Sting’s wine.

Professional winemaking
Gerard Depardieu owns vineyards in France, Spain, Morocco and Argentina. The French actor has taken his passion seriously, unlike his colleagues, who just give their names out to wines in return for money. With over 170 movies in his portfolio he wants to try more in his life. “I know nothing about wine. To me, wine is a kind of communication and pleasure. It contributes to sensuality and sexuality. It encourages conversations and a sense of participation. Wine is a part of people and life” says Depardieu. 

Singers and actors say... cheers!

It is not only cinema professionals who flirt with the world of wine, but also music stars. Michael Hucknall and Cliff Richard own vineyards and the latter's 'Vida Nova' is always “sold–out”. However, only Gerard Depardieu truly makes a difference, as he has been in the wine business since the 1980s and is linked to seven different popular labels. He says, “I can be happy with very few things, but I do enjoy having my glass full.” Is the rumour true that he drinks four to eight bottles of wine per day true? He is such a pleasant and enjoyable person to interview, that it does not matter!

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