Ω3 Fish bar Sifnos

Located at the coolest part of Platis Gialos beach in Sifnos Island, Fish-bar Ω3 has been established as the must-visit gastronomical destination in Sifnos.

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International celebrities such as Tom Hanks, from neighboring Antiparos often visit this place in order to taste the new inspiring creations by Chef George Samoili, who studied molecular biology. During the summer, Chef George creates for Ω3 and during the winter, he moves to Brazil to get inspired for new dishes.

Vasilis Vlachocheorgaki's passion for cooking and for the sea along with his talent as a spear fisher, urged him to create an environment where recipes from all over the world combine the treasures of the sea for amazing results.

In an effort to showcase the unique fish and seafood of Sifnos and the surrounding areas, he put together over 50 meze dishes with an amazing simplicity.

Most of the ingredients that are used come from small organic farms of local producers.




The menu alternates, always keeping the high standards of showcasing the freshness of the product combined with carefully selected top labeled wines (over 30 choices), Greek spirits (ouzo, tsipouro, raki) or beer, made by Greek producers only.

In 4 large bars and fifty stools, Vasilis and George invite you to meet them and share your life and taste experiences with them.

Definitely try the tartate from Lavraki & Tuna, regga and manoura biscuits and Tuna neck.

You don’t always find a table; you better make a reservation beforehand.


Platys Gialos Sifnos

Τelephone 22 840 72 014


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