Best Fish Taverns in Athens

Fresh fish on the grill is considered to be a true delight, and you should definitely taste and enjoy it while visiting the country. 
Sip a glass of ouzo or wine with seafood in a small tavern by the sea and enjoy Greece at its best.

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Thalassinos: Sophisticated fish tavern that still, after all these years continues to surprise with its original proposals. The restaurant offers classic seafood dishes as well as new modern greek cuisine shown in dishes such as red lentil with grilled eel. Do try the homemade spinach pie.
Irakleous & Lisikratous 32, Tsitsifies, Tel. 210 9404 518

Leonidas: Renowned not only for the excellent appetizers but also the fine sea food dishes. The decoration is rather disappointing and old fashioned, however  the food is the exact opposite of what the interior architecture looks like. Try their fresh fried shrimps and their  delicious mixed salad. 
Μ. Geroulanou 130, Argiroupoli, Τηλ. 210 9617 901

Xipolitos: (in Greek it means bare foot!) Literally "in" the sea, it impresses with its carte-postal scenery and with its simple yet tasty sea food dishes. The food is genuine with local products accompanying fresh fish. Try the boiled wild mountainous greens,  always  a seasonal variety available. 
Loutsa Coast, Τηλ. 22940 28342

Pezoulas: A historical tavern with amazing fried food that has been working for over 50 years. The economic  crisis has not  "touched" Pezoulas, since their prices were always correct compared to the quality of the food. Service is always impeccable. In the summer time the verandah is very pleasant to sit. The fish is always fresh here - no matter what you pick.
Pisistratou 11, Tzitzifies, Tel. 210 9422 684

Sardelles: The most trendy fish tavern in Athens; exceptional style and wonderful fish food dishes, not traditional in style but young. Its specialty is “small” fish and grilled or fried sardines. Do try their tarama salad, the divine fish roe salad specialty dish.  Don’t miss the lemon pie at the end of the meal.  
Persefonis 15, Gazi, Tel: 210 3478 050

Taverna tis Bobenas: Kessariani is a place where a lot of taverns are one next to the other. Taverna tis Bobenas is a great classic fish tavern that really has an ambrosal locavore cuisine!

Do try their  fantastic “astakomakaronada” lobster on pasta.
Anaxagora & Brioolon, Kessariani, Tel: 210 7213 267

Trata: a classic fish tavern, famous in Athens for both its grilled and fried fish but also their Greek hors d'oeuvres specialties.

They even offer set menus with lots of Greek salads and fish from the catch of the day at the extremely good price of 18 euros.

I recommend all their fried fish and calamari and the mussels in white wine sauce. 
Themistokleous 8 & Nikitara 9, central Athens, Tel: 210 3838531


Don't leave Greece without visiting a fish tavern!

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