When chocolate met alcohol

Chocolate…mmm…An aphrodisiac by itself. Passion turned to hunger. A hedonistic tickle of the tongue and a warm caress of the throat. A love that lasts forever. Lips of chocolate seeking to paint other lips. Fingers of melt chocolate reaching for a tongue to wash them…Wow! It’s getting hot in here…
Let’s have a drink to cool us!


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The relationship of alcohol with food is known and granted. But its relationship with chocolate, is at least special. The combinations are plenty but hard to achieve. Chocolate has plenty of versions with a unique complexity. We will examine the drinks with which we can successfully accompany the main kinds of milk, dark and white chocolate. Two erotic symbols in total harmony.

Milk chocolate

Its sweet velvety flavour has contributed to the greatest loves of modern history.
A substitute for sex and a companion in the loneliness after major breakups. Bridget Jones loved it… Following the rule that says that chocolate shouldn’t “cover” wine, we could pair a medium sweet milk chocolate with a warm climate merlot, and a really sweet one, with a new-world Shiraz or a Vinsanto.  I’d rather choose to enjoy a rich milk chocolate with a Laphroaig  10 yo (and a Montecristo corona). Of course many liquors and some Cognacs are appropriate for this kind of chocolate.  (Bailey’s, Tia Maria, etc.)
Dark chocolate

The strictness of dark chocolate, puts you in living rooms with heavy wooden furniture and leather armchairs. Its resentment for sugar and the wealth of milk chocolate, unveils an almost snobbish and minimal attitude, where only absolute enjoyment is accepted. A 50% cocoa dark chocolate can be enjoyed along with a tannic Cabernet Sauvignon or a Pinot Noir with vegetarian intensity. Darks with a higher cocoa percentage would pair with a Dalwhinnie 15yo or an XO Cognac. A cigar is again welcome, but a harsher one maybe, from Colombia or the Nicaragua.  

White chocolate

White chocolate, being the most “playful” of the three, is the most buttery. A combination with a P.X. Sherry, sounds perfect. Ideal would be its pairing with a greasy white Sambuca. Dare to try it with a cuvee Champagne (I suggest a Cuvee Louise 1996). You might think that the Champagne will be “lost”, but a pleasant surprise awaits you…

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