Lamb with Black-Eyed Beans

In Arcadia they call the black-eyed beans "haronia" because they have the black-like-death (haros) spot. The word is well-sounding and poetic and these beans are wonderful. Make this dish with black-eyed beans once and with lentils, chickpeas or broad beans another time. Each one has its own delicious flavor.

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500 g lamb thigh, boneless
1 onion, finely chopped
juice from half a lemon
g  saffron
1 tbs white flour
1 cinnamon stick
2 tbs  oil
200 g black-eyed beans (weighed when dry)
2 tbsyogurt
salt and pepper


  • Finely chop onion
  • Remove from the meat the skin and fat and then cut the meat it into small pieces like almonds.

1.  Put oil  in a saucepan with a thick bottom the oil, and when it is warm, add the onion and the meat.

2.  Stir with a wooden spoon so that they are sautéed.

3.  Douse with lemon, add the cinnamon, saffron, a pinch of salt, pepper and a little hot water. Let it boil over low heat.

4.  Meanwhile, boil the beans in a saucepan with plenty of water.

5.  When they are soft enough, but not boiled, strain them and add them to the lamb so that they boil together. Add water accordingly.

6.  Put the flour on its own in a pan and cook it stirring it continuously so that it doesn’t burn.

7.  When it browns, let it cool off and stir it with the yogurt and some water, so that it becomes a thin pulp.

8.  When the food is cooked, check the salt, add if necessary and pour the yogurt mixture into the saucepan.

9.  Shake well so that the food is stirred and the yogurt warms up. It must have a thin sauce, add if needed some hot water so that the sauce doesn’t become too thick and unattractive.


You may find lots of lamb recipes cooked with all sort of beans in the Mediterranean.
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