Froutalia (Omelet with Potatoes and Sausage from Andros)

This hearty omelet is probably the most representative dish on Andros. The special feature is that it is made of pork fat of the sausage instead of butter or oil. It is prepared all year round and tastes deliciously.

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1/2 sausage from Kalamata, a big one
1 potato cut in strips (1 cm in width)
2 eggs
salt & pepper
1/2 cup grated regato cheese & kefalotyri
olive oil


  • Cut the sausage in 10 thin slices.
  • Cut potato in strips
  • Chop mint

1.  In a medium sized skillet, precook sausage  along with the potatoes until they soften.

2.  Beat the eggs with the salt, pepper, mint and cheese and add them all to the skillet.

3.  Shake the skillet to and fro so that the egg mixture covers the whole surface.

4.  Cook over medium fire until it thickens.