Ano Doliana, a Traditional Village Like No Other

When visitors fill the popular villages of the Peloponnese, you can ‘hide’ in a place where the only sounds come from tree leaves and horses running free. Ano Doliana, the beautiful village of Arcadia, is still to be revealed.

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It is built on the slopes of the mountain Parnonas, and in the horizon we can see the tops of Mainalo, Helmos, Erymanthos and Artemision. Here we can find combined the shady forests of chestnut, walnut, oak and plane trees, and a traditional settlement built with marble, stone and tile, where the days pass slowly for the few remaining villagers. As a visitor, one can walk the pebbled alleyways and stop for a coffee and local treat at the square with the plane trees. 

Kyra-Vaso greets us warmly at “Platanos” and serves us rabbit with garlic (lagoto), sausages, soutzoukakia, hand made chips and wildboar. We can then visit the stone-built church of St. George and see Christofili’s house; he was given the name “Tourkofagos” when he fought the Turks from within this house.

What makes the difference in this village, is where you stay and your experience of the surrounding nature. A beautiful guesthouse “1821” [Tel +30 2710 234080], the former stone-built school, offers chic, rustic rooms, transporting us to past eras.

Slightly further from the village centre, in the Choreftarou area, the “Forest Village” [Tel +30 2710 222194, 6978971575] spreads its 20 wooden houses over a plot of 29 acres. Wood, minimalism and a warm atmosphere characterise this group of houses, that promise beautiful evenings in the central chalet, chatting around the fire with board games, lots of tsipouro and fine cuisine. The owner advises all to go out and partake in some alternative activities such as bowing, mountain biking, trekking or riding one of the horses at the Equestrian Club  [Tel +30 2710 234027].

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