Best Fish Restaurants in Athens

One of the authentic cultural elements of Greece is seafood gastronomy. 
Greek seafood comes from the crystal clear Aegean & Ionian sea and its taste is unique. 


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Papadakis: Creative approach to the art of enjoying fish from a restaurant that gained its reputation on the island of Paros and continues to amaze in rural Kolonaki.
Voukourestiou 47 & Fokilidou, Kolonaki, Tel: 210 3608 621


Jimmy and the Fish: The absolute hang-out  in Mikrolimano, Pireaus; you will find style and VIP clientele. Renowned for their “astakomakaronada” / lobster pasta. Quite a “catwalk” especially on a Saturday morning.
Akti Koumoundourou 46, Mikrolimano, Tel: 210 4124 417

Ithaki: Blessed with the most spectacular view on the coastline of Athens. An all time classic for fresh fish (request that it be grilled slightly less than their usual), fresh salads. Popular with the rich and famous.

Appolonos 28, Laimos Vouliagmenis, Tel: 210 8963 747


Ai Nikolas : A great surprise for the seafood fans! In Ai Nikolas restaurant, the Sicilian chef Pino Saccheri and his team create dishes at the time of their order, based entirely on the freshness of the raw material
Syngrou Ave 156, Tel: 210 9232918.

Milos Estiatorio: The most famous – and rightly so – Greek restaurant. A “treasure tank” of fresh fish, oysters and a great variety of seafood delicacies; you will find recipes that may startle with their creative but tasty simplicity. The place businessmen, politicians and Athenian high society eat fish.
Vas. Sophia’s Avenue (Athens Hilton Hotel) Tel: 210 7244 400

Vasilenas: One of the most legendary restaurants in Piraeus, recently renovated; it serves authentic fish food and excellent traditional plates that have been refined to impress the most eclectic taste buds.
Aitolikou 72, Piraeus, Tel: 210 4612 45


Papaioannou is one of the oldest and world famous fish restaurants in Piraeus. Traditional fish dishes are served with an exquisite knowledge and perfection in grilling. Fresh fish arrive everyday from all over Greece. Spear gun divers bring to the restaurant the most fresh and delicious fish right out of the sea.
Philippou 5, Piraeus Tel:210 4225 059    



If you want to dine where the real gourmet Athenians eat fish

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