Codfish with Mashed Black Eye Beans and Sauce of Ginger, Coriander and White Wine

This dish is full of flavors and textures. Serve by placing the codfish on top of the mashed bean . Garnish with thinly chopped tomato and sweet red and yellow peppers.

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600 gr codfish cured
1 onion, chopped
2 cloves of garlic, thinly sliced
1 tbs freshly ground ginger
2 tbs fresh coriander finely chopped
the juice of two oranges
1 glass of white wine
olive oil, salt and pepper

For the mashed black eye beans
400 gr black eye beans
the juice of two lemons
50 ml olive oil
1 tbs sesame paste
2 tbs ground cumin
2 cloves of garlic


1.  Pick a  codfish without a bone, cut it in pieces and put it in a bowl with water for 24 hours.

2.  Change the water 2-3 times until all salt is removed.

3.  Strain the fish and wipe it with a clean absorbent towel.

3.  Sauté into a small amount of olive oil the garlic, the onion, the ginger and the codfish and pour over the white wine and the orange juice.

4.  Add the coriander and let it boil for about 25-30 minutes. If needed, add water and/or salt.

5.  When the fish is cooked and soft, let it cool and cut it into small pieces using your hands. 

Black  Bean Mash

  • Boil the black eye beans in a suitable amount of water for 30 minutes.
  • Strain and rinse them well with cold water.
  • Process them into a blender with the rest of the ingredients until they become mashed.



Serve with jasmine rice
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