Choux (puff shells) Filled with Shrimp Mousse

An impressive appetizer and a must for a cocktail party.
You can buy empty choux from a confectioners shop and add the filling. 

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For the filling:
1 tbs butter
½ red onion, grated
200 g small shrimps, cleaned
a little white wine
1 tbs cognac
100 ml fresh cream
200 g (1 cup) butter
1 grated carrot
the green part from 1 fresh onion, finely chopped
salt, pepper


Sauté with 1 tablespoon butter the grated onion.

Add the cleaned small shrimps and brown them for 3 minutes. Pour over a little white wine and a tablespoon of cognac.

Add the fresh cream and let the sauce to set.

Blend in the blender the shrimps with their sauce, salt and pepper and 200 g (1 cup) butter, that you have left out of the refrigerator so that it becomes soft.

When the blend is fluffy, put it in the refrigerator and leave it for at least half an hour to set.

Put the cold mousse in a piping bat, which has the appropriate nozzle, and fill the choux from the opening that you have made cutting a slice off their top.


Chilled champagne is the drink to serve with this hors d'oeuvre
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