Fish Baked in Rock Salt Crust

Cooking fish in rock salt gives you a result of the highest quality; the crust helps keep all the juices and aromas at their maximum. The fish emerges succulent, with its flavor and texture intact, and the salt breaks away leaving just the perfect hint of saltiness. Offer  fleur de sel when serving the fish . 

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2 fish, approx. 1 kg each
500 gr of rock salt
6-8 egg whites, depending on the size of the eggs
200 gr of flour
350 ml of water


Preheat oven at 200° C.

To prepare the salt crust, combine the flour with the salt and the egg whites. Use 6 whites if the eggs are large, more if they are smaller. The mixture should be thick and manageable.
Encase the fish in the salt dough and place on greased paper in a baking pan.
Cook the fish for 25 minutes. The crust should have become very hard and perhaps have taken a little color.
Serve with the crust and break it at the table.
Horizontally slice open the salt crust, making sure not to damage the fish. Remove the fish carefully and place on a platter.





The best sauce to accompany this dish is a simple lemon and oil dressing (1 part lemon juice to 3 parts olive oil with a little salt and pepper whisked until emulsified)
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