Seafood Pilaf

The secret for this rice pilaf dish to be a success is the freshness of the seafood.

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500 g rice
150 g  cooked & cleaned shrimps
150 g cooked & cleaned mussels
100 g  cleaned & finely cut squid
100 g  cooked octopus pieces
50 g  olive oil or cooking oil
100 g  white wine
3 level tsp of butter
1 kgr ripe tomatoes or 2 cans of pealed tomatoes
2-3 tbs of boiled peas
3 onions
1 green pepper
salt, pepper


  • Finely chop onions
  • Slice pepper

1.  Heat the oil in a pan, then brown slightly, first the squid, then the shrimps, mussels and octopus pieces together with the onion pulp.

2.  Slowly add the wine, the strained tomatoes, the green pepper and some broth from the previously boiled seafood (after having thoroughly strained it). Cook for 15 min.

3.  Remove all the pieces of seafood and peppers from the pot with a perforated ladle then set aside in a pyrex bowl.

4.  Add about 5 cups of the broth and bring to boil.

5.  Add the rice, stirring as it begins to boil.

6.  When the rice is half - cooked, add the seafood and the peas, and leave to cook for 5 min. more.

7.  Remove from the heat before the rice becomes too thick. Melt the butter and pour over the pilaf.

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