Deluxe Chocolate

This recipe is dedicated to all the chocolate lovers. 

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  • 200 gr. cooking chocolate  55% cocoa, melted in a bain-marie
  • 6 egg yolks
  • 150 gr. sugar
  • 30 gr. honey
  • 500 gr. Double cream 35% fat, whipped
  • 50-100 gr. Chocolate pearls 


  • 150 gr. Cooking chocolate  55% cocoa 
  • 150 gr. milk
  • 30 gr. glucose


Chocolate Deluxe

Boil sugar in 50 gr. of water and beat the egg yolks with the mixer. 

When the sugar starts to thicken, at around 120º C, remove from heat add the honey slowly and pour the mixture into the bowl with the eggs that are still under the mixer.

Continue until the mixture becomes fluffy and cools down.

Stop the mixer, add the chocolate that has been melted in a bain-marie and mix well.

Finally add the whipped cream and the chocolate pearls.

Transfer the mixture to a metal form, cover with transparent cooking wrap and place in the freezer.



Warm the milk to about 90 C, add glucose and pour over the broken pieces of cooking chocolate. Stir well to melt the chocolate.

Preferably, serve hot fudge over a cold piece of deluxe chocolate. Otherwise use some icing sugar  on top. 


It is important to use the finest chocolate you will get, so each spoon will be like a piece of heaven.
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