Our Grandmothers' Olive Oil Beauty Secrets

Home made cosmetics with extra virgin olive oil will make you put away laboratory-made creams, and help your skin look smooth.  
( It is also the beauty secret that placed Sophia Loren on top of the list of naturally beautiful women.)

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Massaging one’s self with olive oil from head to toe is a treatment established long ago.

It is the beauty secret that placed Sophia Loren on top of the list of naturally beautiful women; the Italian diva is in her early seventies and claims never to have had plastic surgery.  She is said to take baths in pure olive oil, a Mediterranean version of Cleopatra’s milky spa.

We are slowly returning to traditional remedies, those we owe to our mothers and grandmothers who once gave us the tips.
According to traditional, Cretan customs, young ladies would place a small portion of olive oil on their comb, in order to have healthy, shiny hair.

Olive oil can also be used as a nurturing hair mask. An oil hair mask, for dry and/or dyed hair with split ends, is meant to give impressive results by intensively hydrating hair. Olive oil will give your usually dull and drab hair a healthy dose of shine by making it moisturized and healthy. Its rich, moisturizing properties make it ideal for use on hair on a weekly basis. It is extremely good especially after a day sunbathing. 

Olive oil also works miracles for hair loss, dry,  flaky scalp and alopecia; thus, olive oil is considered the best product to treat skin rashes on babies.

Here are some home-made beauty tips using olive oil; we found them in our grandmother’s drawer:

 Use olive oil on a piece of cotton to remove your make-up fast and efficiently and rub your face smoothly; there is a chance that you will find your skin a little bit too greasy, but while you sleep, the olive oil will nurture your skin and the next day everyone will be asking for your secret!

You can also apply some olive oil to your nails to soften the cuticles.

Our mothers and grandmothers have been aware of this ritual for years and years, so what is left is for us to spread the word.  

Start by applying some olive oil to your hair, with particular attention to roots and ends.  Needless to say, it’s best not to wear your favorite dress while treating yourself with olive oil!  You can also use an old towel to cover your hair after applying the oil mask. Keep it for as much time possible, at least for 30 minutes and when finished wash your hair thoroughly.  Be patient. It may take extra amounts of hot water and shampoo for the oil to leave your hair when you rinse, but the result will be most rewarding.



It may be hard to remove the olive oil from your hair, but is well worth it after the whole procedure is done. 


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