Michel Roux: Eggs

The great master of haute cuisine pays to the most fragile food the tribute it deserves.

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And as if that wasn’t enough he humbly states: “When I’m holding an egg in my hand, I feel it represents universe, it awakens and raises my respect for life”. Is it possible that you just remembered Brancusi’s theory of universal beauty through the linear simplicity? Well done!

By Ioanna Papadopoulou


130 recipes that demonstrate the creative result that are hidden in the oval shape. Even the boiled egg – slightly (a la coque), lightly boiled (mollets) or over-boiled (durs) – can create hedonistic pleasures: with vanilla caramel and brioche, in tomato crust with crispy cucumber, stuffed with mussels…

Watch out! When reading the book you may think that you can no longer fry an omelet… Enjoy the nice writing, the nice pictures and then try to make a sauce Hollandaise, eggs Benedict, lemon soufflé, etc…



Classic recipes in a new, modern dimension, that use all the possible cooking methods for eggs – from boiling, frying, en cocotte and scrambled to the creation of the perfect omelet, crepe, cream and soufflé.


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