The Best Restaurants in Sifnos Island

Since 1970, having spent every summer at the island of Sifnos, Alexis Protonotarios has put together a list of Sifnos' best restaurants and taverns that offer ‘value for money’ or something unique to their visitors.

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Nikolaos Tselementes (1878-1958) was  one of the top chefs during his time, who managed to perfect the traditional Greek cuisine. In 1910, he publishes one of the first and most renowned Greek recipe cookbooks, showcasing modernized traditional Greek recipes like Mousakas and Patsitsio. In some recipes, Tselementes replaces the use of olive oil with butter, creating thicker sauces based on the learnings of the French cooking school. Keeping Tselementes tradition, Sifnos along with the island of Tinos, are the Cycladic islands that you can enjoy great meals at the majority of restaurants.

The traditional recipes that you ought to try and can find almost anywhere are the ‘revithokeftedes’, ‘ampelofasoula with skordalia’, ‘kaparosalata’, ‘mastello’ (lamb in the over with traditional herbs & wine) and Sunday’s tradition, ‘revithada’ which is baked all night long in traditional wood ovens.




At Vathy, Tsikali tavern (Tel. 22840.71.150), right by the mole with the church, with tables on the sand only 3 meters away from the beach, you can enjoy amazing ‘gemista’ and other ‘mageirefta’ with self-produced meat and probably the best myzithra in Sifnos. You should definitely try the ‘tyrokeftedes with myzithra’, ‘revithokeftedes’ and anything that Mrs. Flora recommends. Start your meal with a drought beer in an ice cold glass. The owner, Nikos is, in our opinion the best chef on the island.



At Chrysopigi, the tavern of Giorgos Lempesis, (Tel. 22840.71.295) which is right on the beach and under the trees, you can enjoy a bit variety of starters including the traditional dishes “mastello” and “rovithia”. The chef is considered by the locals as the young ‘Tselementes’.

At Kamares, Kapetan Andreas (Tel. 22840.32.356) will definitely not disappoint you. It is probably the only place in the island that you can find huge fish and lobster during the summer. You should definitely try the lobster pasta!



At Castro, enjoy the sunset at “Astron” restaurant owned by Maria Lempesi (Tel.22840.31.476).

Mrs. Maria and Vassilis, prepare traditional recipes written by Maria’s mother.

If you are up for a few drinks near Castro, pass by the Banana Bar, Cuba Libre with amazing views, decadent 60’s atmosphere and the picturesque Banana setting the tone! 


At “Rampaya”, the owner Vassilis Kallidis, created an interesting menu with new flavors based on the Greek Mediterranean cuisine and especially the Cycladic traditional gastronomic flavors. The restaurant combines the aura of the island with carefully selected Greek wine brands. (Tel. 22840-32215)



Drakaki’s Coffee Shop (Tel. 22840.31.233) counts more than 100 years of operation. I remember when I was a kid, I used to pass by this place and see the old folks drinking their coffee and playing ‘tavli’ and ‘prefa’. Today, it is one of the best taverns in the island offering great food at reasonable prices. Our favorite dishes include, ‘ apaki’, ‘melintzana with feta cheese’, ‘keftedakia’, ‘kagiana’ and  the traditional sweets.  



At the new place of Mamma Mia (Tel. 22840.33.086) in Apollonia,  and Platy Gialo, chef  Filippo with his son Pietro, create the best pizzas in the area! Start with a bresaola with lemon, then the pasta that is recommended by the owners. As a main course, go for the “tagliatta fillet’ made from beef’s neck which is the restaurant’s most popular dish definitely worth trying.

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